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About the Body Mind Clinic

Our vision at The Body Mind Clinic is to be a full service facility that offers massage therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Combined Decongestive Therapy. Our professional goal is to promote healing and functional independence to all.

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Emmanuelle Ravez Gomez

Owner and lead care provider at The Body Mind Clinic, Emmanuelle is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal wellness at her private office located in downtown Toronto. A Registered Massage Therapist and certified Combined Decongestive Therapist from the International Dr Vodder School, Emmanuelle helps patients with daily challenges – aches, pains and ailments – using her intuition and education to provide her clients with very effective treatment.

Emmanuelle graduated from Kikkawa College & Teaching College in Toronto, after leaving behind a corporate career in marketing and communications in Paris, France, to pursue her calling as a massage therapist and enjoy the fulfillment of helping others. She holds a degree in Business Administration (BA) from the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Université de Cergy Pontoise in France.

When not working, Emmanuelle enjoys spending time with her husband, eight-year-old daughter, Zoe, cat and two dogs (Dude  and Zig-Zag). She loves traveling, spending time in nature, reading and good conversations with friends.

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Emmanuelle Ravez Gomez    BA,RMT,CDT
 Tel: 647.449.1275
358 Dufferin Street Suite# 111  Toronto, Ontario M6K 1X9 60 Atlantic Ave Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario M6K 1X9