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Benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage post cosmetic surgery

Manual Lymph Drainage : understanding its health and aestethic benefits post cosmetic surgery by Emmanuelle Ravez Gomez, RMT, Combined Decongestive Therapist

More and more patients turn to elective cosmetic procedures such as:

  • breast augmentation
  • liposuction
  • nose reshaping
  • eyelid surgery
  • tummy tuck
  • Brazilian butt lift

Many things happen at a cellular level during a surgery but here’s a simplified version of what happens on and around the surgery site:

  • The blood vessels and lymphatic vessels of specific areas become ‘leaky’.
  • Blood flow to the injured site also increases
  • Lymph accumulates around the cells and inside the cells which is what we call swelling

How can Manual Lymph Drainage help after a cosmetic surgery?

Patients will judge the results of a cosmetic surgery procedure by symmetry, minimal scarring, contour and skin regularity.

Manual Lymph drainage has prove to be an excellent therapy post cosmetic surgery. Please, make sure you check with your cosmetic surgeon before booking a treatment.

Manual Lymph Drainage will:

  • drain the accumulated fluid towards the closest lymph nodes
  • decrease the bruising
  • decrease the swelling and help tremendously with the pain
  • speed up the healing process
  • soften the scars and make them less visible in the long run
  • reduce the hard lumps, rippling and indentations

What you need to know about Manual Lymph Drainage:

  • it is a very gentle treatment, as lymphatic vessels are very close to the surface of the skin
  • it does not hurt
  • you will still be required to wear your compression, as per your cosmetic surgeon’s orders
  • you might need a series of treatments for better results
  • you will need to get undressed

How does Manual Lymph Drainage ‘work’ ?

Manual Lymph Drainage is a very specific massage technique. The lymph vessels are squeezed in a bi-directional fashion to encourage the flow of lymph.

No fluid is extracted from the body. Your therapist will be able to move the fluid towards appropriate lymph nodes, so the body can naturally re-absorb it.

For more information, feel free to contact Emmanuelle , or call 647 449 1275. You can book an appointment with her

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