This Thanksgiving Weekend…


Welcome to the Long Weekend Everyone! And, Happy Thanksgiving! This time of year can bring up feelings of both gratitude, love and joy AND feelings of deprivation, emptiness and loneliness. We get it. Our emotional experiences in life are all on a spectrum. We cannot always feel happy 100% of the time. It’s unrealistic [...]

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Get To Know Andrea our New RMT


BLOG I’ve always had a strong passion for helping people although it hasn’t always been in a holistic hands-on approach. My career started off in the fashion design business. I worked for a large retailer for the majority of the time doing product [...]

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Hello September!


BLOG Authored by Lisa Azzopardi, MSW, RSW Social Worker, Psychotherapist Hello September!  With back to school upon us ( an back to work for some) this is, for many, an opportunity for fresh starts! As we embark on this new beginning, whether it’s [...]

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Pre & Post-Natal Care At The Body Mind Clinic!


BLOG Our Team at The Body Mind Clinic Are Bringing You On Board, And Sharing Our Expertise in  Pre & Post-Natal Wellness!  Have a Read and Learn About How Our Integrative Health Team Can Improve Infant & Maternal Health!  Massage Therapy MUSCLE RELIEF (HELPS WOMEN BEAR THE WEIGHT [...]

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Beyonce & Jay-Z Have Us Talking All Things Couples


BLOG Beyonce & Jay - Z Have Us Talking All Things Couples: An Introduction to Emotion-Focused Therapy Imagine there was a simple answer to all of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship challenges over the years? With such pop cultural significance upon us with the release of [...]

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Psychotherapy: Let’s Talk About Our Mothers


BLOG Psychotherapy: Let’s Talk About Our Mothers In honour of Mother’s Day, let’s take some time to explore our relationships with our Mothers. Whether you characterize your relationship with your Mother as close or distant, if you’re grieving the loss of your Mother, [...]

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What is Mindfulness:


BLOG Grounded in Buddhist Philosophy, although not a religious practice, Mindfulness is the space between a stimulus and our response. Insert stimulus (car swerving in front of you while driving, partner yelling, boss asking you for more, roof is leaking etc…)  Now, before we [...]

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