Authored by Lisa Azzopardi, MSW, RSW

Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Hello September! 

With back to school upon us ( an back to work for some) this is, for many, an opportunity for fresh starts!

As we embark on this new beginning, whether it’s a new school year or if you’re celebrating Rosh Hashanah, perhaps take some time to reflect on what is going to bring about a deeper sense of joy, relational fulfillment or success in your eyes over the next few months.

Why Are New Beginnings ( And this September) Opportunities For Change?

  • Creating routines and new habits are easier to do when we begin anew. For example, if you’re heading back to a new school or work schedule, perhaps take some time to plan and schedule in “ Me time” or your workout schedule for the week, and make a realistic commitment. Then, after a week or two, reassess this schedule. Is it working for you?
  • With change amongst many of us, a sense of momentum is created in the movement of many. By this, I mean that it can be easier to implement change when the people around us are changing as well. So, if you’re sending your little ones back to school this may just be a catalyst to get yourself moving on getting those little tasks done at home ( especially if you’re an entrepreneur or work from home!)
  • With the change of season, and amount of hours of daylight decreasing, perhaps this is an opportunity to set a new bedtime for yourself! Yes, more sleep! Sleep is actually one of the most important component of psychological wellness. If anyone asks, Lisa said  “Yes” to your new early bedtime  routine.
  • As your schedule is in a time of flux, take a step back and schedule in the things that are ACTUALLY important to you and take this opportunity to let go of the things that might be filling your schedule. Before you commit, sit on it  (just not for too too long!).

When we talk about change, it is helpful to begin to notice where you may be at in terms of your readiness ( Prochaska & DiClemente) For example:

  • Is there something that needs to change that you may be unaware of?
  • Have you been thinking about making a specific change for some time?
  • Is this change “ do-able” 
  • What are you doing differently to allow for this change to happen?
  • What’s in place to support the longevity of this change? 

If you’re feeling the momentum with this time of change upon us, lean into it, embrace it, and perhaps put the things in place that you need to have happen for you!

With Momentum,


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