Holistic Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is a registered holistic nutritionist?

Registered holistic nutritionists (R.H.N.) are professionals trained in natural nutrition and complementary therapies, whose principal function is to educate individuals and groups about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition.  Through my training at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, I’m qualified to work with clients to identify and help correct the nutritional imbalances and to design personalized diet and lifestyle programs that support good health. My goal as an R.H.N. is to help you make the best possible food choices to meet your vision of optimal health.

2) How can a Holistic Nutritionist help with balancing hormones?

A Holistic Nutritionist will aim to understand the root cause of disease or any imbalance. Working with our Holistic Nutritionist will be an educational process to help you understand the medicinal aspects of food and therapeutic supplements will help to balance hormones and support the liver in detoxification and excess hormones to allow the hormonal cascade to fall back into balance. There are many foods that support the organs and hormones to function optimally. Further, addressing optimal digestion will be a component to effectively balance hormones to ensure you are breaking down foods into their usable components.

2) Can balancing hormones help me lose weight?

There is a direct correlation with estrogen dominance and weight gain especially around the abdomen area. Balancing hormones will definitely positively impact weight loss. Your body produces estrogen in the adrenal glands, brain, and in your ovaries or testes, depending on your equipment. Another place both men and women produce estrogen is in adipose (fat) tissues. So balancing hormones and bringing an excess estrogen situation back into balance will aid with weight loss.

3) How does a Holistic Nutritionist work with a Naturopath?

A Holistic Nutritionist is very supportive to our Naturopath and can work very effectively together. A Nutritionist will aim to provide additional support and education as it pertains to utilizing food as medicine, meal planning and utilizing specific foods for detoxification.

4) What to expect during the initial consultation?

An initial consultation with the Holistic Nutritionist will entail a detailed one hour assessment of your healthy history, current symptoms/concerns and an understanding of your health goals. This is a deep dive into all areas of your health, so we can work together to create the best nutrition + supplement protocol and put a strategic plan of action in place. In this session you can come prepared with all your questions, so we can address the most important areas of concern and get you on the path forward to optimal health. A customized nutrition and therapeutic supplementation protocol will be provided following the initial consult to address the root cause of disease and you’ll be able to understand what your doing and why your doing it and how it works in their body.

5) What is the training of a Holistic Nutritionist?


Fundamentals of nutrition

Anatomy & physiology


Advanced nutrition research

Herbal medicine

Prevention of disease

Pathology of disease

Nutrition and the environment

Psychology of disease

Natural supplementation

Holistic food preparation

For any additional questions please contact Neatoo our Holistic Nutritionis via email at neatoo@thebodymindclinic.com

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