How Manual Lymph Drainage Helps with Breast Health


What are The benefits of MLD for Breast Health?

Breasts are rarely invited to the self-care party – despite the fact that there are health and beauty practices for literally every other body part, including hair.

When it comes to bodywork, breasts get neglected.

Breast health is an important component of a woman’s overall wellness. Manual Lymph Drainage can be very therapeutic for your breasts.

In most women, the chest muscles (mainly pectoralis major and minor) get very tight for various reasons, such as:

  • Less than perfect posture: most of us slouch. We are mindful of our posture for a few minutes and lose our mindfulness for the next couple of hours.
  • Sitting in front of electronics: Are you staring at the computer all day at work or staring at your tablet on the couch in the evening?

Regardless of your profession, chances are there is a computer in your work life.  And there is for sure a smart phone and a tablet in your personal life.

  • Many of us spend a decent part or our life driving  commuting to work. Our ergonomics while driving is usually poor. Our shoulders rotate anteriorly which further contracts our chest muscles.

And, as we are performing most of the above, we also wear an accessory that aggravates and contributes to that muscular tension: a BRA.

Did you know that bras might not be your breasts’ best friend?

Bras are wonderful and beautiful. The majority of women throughout the world wear them.

For some women they boost confidence, for others they are a fashion accessory. If you have a heavier bust, they provide well-needed support and keep you pain free.

Not matter the reason why you are wearing one, your bra will most likely contribute to the tension, not only in your chest wall but also on the side of your rib cage, upper shoulders and diaphragm.

Bras compress the tissues and impede the natural movement of breast tissue.

Under wires, as well as bras that are too tight or poorly fitted will impede the flow of blood and lymph circulating to the breasts and surrounding tissues.

What you can do about that tension in your chest wall?

The very first thing you can do for the well-being of the girls is to get a PROPER bra fitting! Seriously, this will change your life (and your looks).

The other thing I recommend, not only as a way to reconnect to that very neglected part of your body, but also to decrease the tension is MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE (MLD) with a Dr Vodder trained therapist.

MLD is a very gentle, relaxing technique. It promotes the natural flow of lymph.

During a MLD treatment, the lymph vessels are squeezed in a bi-directional manner so that the lymph is propelled forward.

Not to worry, the full treatment doesn’t have to be devoted to your chest. We can start with what feels like a comfortable time for you.

From a therapeutic perspective, why on earth should I receive Manual Lymph Drainage on my chest?

I recommend MLD for the breasts for the following reasons:

  • Once more, it is a great way to connect to your body
  • Reduces breast pain
  • Decreases congestion
  • It will help with the pre-menstrual swelling
  • Helps with fibrocystic (lumpy) breasts
  • Significantly reduces breast hypersensitivity
  • Relieves constriction in the chest caused by muscle tightness
  • Improves the mechanics of breathing
  • Indirectly decrease upper back and shoulder pain and on the side of your rib cage

What does a Lymph Drainage treatment look like?

The therapist will start working on the neck to stimulate the numerous lymph nodes in the neck, as the lymph goes back into the blood stream through a vein located behind the clavicle.

A very specific sequence will then be performed on both breasts and the abdomen.

A lymphatic drainage treatment geared to the breasts will stimulate the lymphatic vessels in the entire upper body, both front and back.

Emmanuelle Ravez Gomez is a Registered Massage Therapist and Combined Decongestive Therapist  in Toronto, Ontario. I run my practice The Body Mind Clinic and I am a Dr Vodder Therapist.

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