The Body Mind Treatment

Most of us love a good therapeutic massage.  But what if you could get more from a massage treatment than just the ‘body’ component?

What if your massage therapy treatment did more for your ‘mind’ than just relaxation?


Introducing a 60-minute massage therapy treatment with a 20-minute mindfulness meditation component.

You get a 60-minute RMT massage treatment catered to your therapeutic needs. Your therapist will use organic essential oils to let go of stress or if you prefer unscented lotion. The massage starts with a 5-minute grounding meditation and ends with a 15-minute mindfulness practice to help you let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Post-treatment, The Body Mind Clinic will email you a link to download the 5- minute audio file to support your mindfulness practice at home.

Post-treatment pick the mindfulness practice that resonates the most for you:



With all of the distractions around us (Social Media, Stress, Daily Life tasks) it can be challenging to create some intentional time to simply tune into your body and mind and notice what brings you gratitude. This practice literally creates that time & space for you to do that!



Worries come and go, and this is normal. At times they may have a significant impact on our quality of life. With the skill of visualization we can begin to manage the intensity of these worries (and real life panic attacks) and begin to observe them from a distance.



How do you measure your health? What does being healthy even mean to you? This practice creates an opportunity to reflect on your health goals, and acknowledges what has gotten in the way, without being hard on yourself.

Download the meditations to your computer then upload to your smartphone or tablet

and enjoy as often as needed!

Benefits for the ‘Body’:

Helps with a wide variety of medical conditions

Reduce or eliminate pain

Improve joint mobility

Improve circulation

Reduce muscle tension

Reduces stress and anxiety

Relief from chronic pain

Promotes body awareness

Increases immunity and helps fight diseases

Benefits for the ‘mind’:

Promotes cognitive functioning which allows access to your problem solving skills and coping strategies

Improves quality of sleep

Reduces intensity and frequency of stressful expereinces

Builds a sense of gratitude and self compassion

Helps you feel more connected with your core values and sense of self

Improves your relationships with others including your family members and colleagues

Increases your attention span and improves your impulse control

Contributes to your overall mental health and wellness

Why a Mindful Meditation Massage?

Emmanuelle has been a Registered Massage Therapist for the past 6 years and can attest that 100% of her patients are affected by the stress in their lives.

As a busy therapist, entrepreneur and Mum, she has experienced first hand just how valuable time is to all of us. That’s when she realized her patients could benefit from a massage treatment that would not only benefit their bodies but also their minds.

Lisa is the voice behind the Mindful Meditation and a Psychotherapist at The Body Mind Clinic. Lisa has been working in the mental health field for over 12 years and has been practicing psychotherapy for the past 8. As a Mental Health practitioner, she believes Mindfulness can change people’s lives for the better.

What is Mindfulness?

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