Welcome to the Long Weekend Everyone! And, Happy Thanksgiving! This time of year can bring up feelings of both gratitude, love and joy AND feelings of deprivation, emptiness and loneliness. We get it. Our emotional experiences in life are all on a spectrum. We cannot always feel happy 100% of the time. It’s unrealistic and,  if we didn’t experience the emotions at the other end of the spectrum well, we wouldn’t be human. At The Body Mind Clinic, the self care practice of Psychotherapy makes room for everything on the spectrum. When we allow ourselves to truly experience the emotions of life, we are truly alive and living.

Being truly alive and living, I think, requires a degree of emotional connectedness with others. Feeling connected in relationship to others is a survival instinct embedded within the human species. When we feel connected we are more likely to share our experiences with others ( thus decreasing feelings of isolation), experience love and support ( through validation of our emotions), and have an increased opportunity to thrive when stress presents itself. 

What we know about connection is that it takes vulnerability, courage and honesty ( Thanks Dr. Brene Brown!). So, in light of this knowledge and fundamental human need for connection, we thought what better way to share with you all how our team is feeling here at The Body Mind Clinic!

A few questions were posed to each of our team members including, Emmanuelle ( Our Massage Therapist), Margot ( Our Osteopath), Andrea ( Our Massage Therapist), and Lisa ( Our Psychotherapist) in the spirit of turning our awareness inwards, and generating connection with our community. So, here’s what our team had to say !

What 3 Things Are You Grateful For:


1) My family (including our dogs Dude and Zig Zag and our cat Little Guy)

2) My good health

3) Doing what I love on a daily basis! 


1) I’m grateful that my parents have allowed me to have the life that I have today. 

2) I’m grateful to have the chance to travel all over the world; it’s allowing me to grow and learning so much (with the person that I love, lucky me!) 

3) I’m also grateful to have friends who are always here for me even with the distance.


1) I am grateful for also my amazing friends family and dogs also

2) I’m grateful that I am healthy and happy and that I am surrounded by happy healthy people

3) Lastly I am grateful that for all of life’s experiences good and bad because they’ve made me who I am today!


1) I feel incredibly grateful to be living in Toronto! I had always wanted to live in the City since I was a kid! 

2) Plants & Flowers-  Pretty basic, but they always bring me joy when I see them

3) Good basic coffee. Currently, I’m loving Balzac’s Las Rosas Blend (Women’s Coffee Project)

 What part of your mind do you most appreciate?


I have ADD (attention deficit disorder) so multi-tasking is a very easy thing for me and it works out well with my busy life.


The part of mind that I appreciate the most would be… my capacity of thinking. I would say that I love helping people, in my job with my knowledge of course, but also my family and friends by being a good listener and a fair advisor.


I think probably my easy going attitude and willingness to be the best I can be by learning from my mistakes!


I appreciate my ability to think ahead and plan. This is one of the benefits of anxiety. It’s really helped me throughout my life to get things done way ahead of schedule! The kid that hands in their assignments one week early, that was me.

What part of your body brings you joy or the feeling of strength?


I love my feet. They keep me grounded and, as a massage therapist strong legs and feet are important.


My eyes. As I said, traveling is a really important part of my life. Without my eyes I’d lose the best part of my trip. Without my eyes I wouldn’t be able to see how everyone around are growing up, getting old, giving birth, getting married… I’m happy to have the chance to see all of that. 


My hands bring me joy and strength because the help me to feel and treat what we can’t see below our skin.


My arms. I have always felt my strongest in this part of my body. My arms are now typically filled by my son, which brings on a whole other function of my arms that I hadn’t valued before. 

What comes to Mind for you when you turn your awareness inwards? 

Let this Blog Post be what you need it to be. Whether it’s a prompt to turn your awareness inwards, a practice of self reflection,  or simply, a casual read to learn just a little bit more about each of us!

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