Trans and Gender Diverse Care

Physiotherapy care for people who are Trans and Gender Diverse focuses on the maintenance, restoration and improvement of health, well-being and quality of life


Michiko offers support for Gender-Affirmation Surgeries:

  • Pre-operative visits to evaluate, treat and educate patients to achieve better outcomes
  • Intra-operative suggestions for positioning
  • Post-operative visits to evaluate, treat and education patients for better function
Michiko Caringal

Michiko also provides physiotherapy care for binding, tucking and packing:

  • Chest Binding is often considered a necessary daily activity for mental and emotional health benefits. There are some negative health outcomes including overheating, shortness of breath, rib fractures and/or back pain. Physiotherapy can improve breathing and relieve pain. Michiko can also provide education on alternative types of binding that can improve function but still affirm gender identity.
  • Tucking provides a smooth appearance of the genital area, hiding external genitalia. If tucking is important to you, Michiko can support you through a selection of adhesives and provide care for any pelvic pain and dysfunction.
  • Packing creates an appearance of a bulge in the genital area. A care plan can be developed to discuss different types of packers and maintain good skincare.